Teaching Statistics Trust

 activities include:

  • publication of the journal

Teaching Statistics

  • promoting statistics in schools, colleges and society

  • funding initiatives in statistical education

The Teaching Statistics Trust is currently offering textbook bursaries to support teachers who are enrolled on a course of professional development designed to improve their teaching of statistics and who require a textbook in their studies. Application form

The first Teaching Statistics Trust lecture - on Risk Literacy - was given at the MEI Conference 2017 by Sir David Spiegelhalter. To view the lecture, access classroom resources and obtain a discount on journal registery click here.


Neil Sheldon Chair

Stella Dudzic Treasurer

Karen Ayres

Neville Davies

Jenny Freeman

Gerald Goodall

Betsan Jones

Rhys Jones

Helen MacGillivray

Kate Richards

Syra Saddique




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Teaching Statistics Trust

Teaching Statistics Trust Lecture 2018

The second Teaching Statistics Trust lecture - on Statistical Problem Solving - will be given by Christine Franklin.


The lecture will be at held at three locations throughout September 2018:

  • Cardiff University - 6 Sept
  • University of Glasgow - 12 Sept
  • University of Plymouth - 18 Sept

Full details and the event flyer can be found here.